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Helping to create local grain economies

Community Grains is an Oakland, CA, based food producer offering a small but growing variety of whole grain flours, dried pastas, Identity Preserved dried pastas, corn polentas, and dried heirloom beans all grown, milled and produced in California. In addition to offering superior grains and milling, we intend to provide an information base for understanding grains, milling, and flour use. We aim to facilitate the development of local grains that are healthy and delicious, and educate by sharing information, forming relationships, helping to establish necessary infrastructure, and strengthening our local community through good food.

Wheat has a story. By purchasing Community Grains products, you become a part of it.

Your pre-purchase of Community Grains products through Credibles will help fund the development of local grain economies in California. Additionally, your funds will help us further the development of our Identity Preserved product line so that we can offer more products that provide full information from seed to harvest to you!

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Did you know you can support us while you do your other shopping? You can redeem your Credibles at selected Whole Foods stores in Northern California.

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Currently at Whole Foods Market in Northern California (complete list). Check if your store carries the products.