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Honey wine: Join the Hive, Drink Mead!

What is the goodness in Mead?

Mead is alcohol which is produced by fermenting honey. It is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. The Ethiopian Kings drank it, Beowulf drank it. Aristotle, Arjuna, Shakespeare...they all drank it. And so did your great-great-great-great- fore mommas and papas. The agricultural revolution came around and made grapes and grain easier to harvest for wine and beer. Mead regrettably, was ignored for something easier and cheaper to produce. Today mead is making a comeback.

Golden Coast Mead is a new craft beverage company dedicated to making the best mead you've ever tasted. Through many blessings and lots of hard work, Golden Coast Mead will soon be expanding in beautiful Oceanside, CA.
Reconnect with history, place, community and quality. Every glass of mead contains the essence of over 200,000 flowers. Doesn't get any more local than that!

Help us grow!

We would like to expand production to meet demand. That means:
  • 2 more Stainless Steel Fermenting Tanks
  • 55 Gallon Drums of Orange Blossom Honey (Locally and Sustainably Sourced)
  • 55 Gallon Drum of Wildflower Honey (Locally and Sustainably Sourced)

Fun: watch where our first three bottles went:

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  • Plus, estate honey from our very own hives
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