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Bringing the best in craft beer and wine to downtown Jamestown

About Brazil

Brazil is a relaxing and unique bar and restaurant in downtown Jamestown offering 18 constantly changing taps, 100+ bottled brews and 35+ varieties of wine from right here and around the world.

Our story

Brazil JamestownThrough establishing and operating the Labyrinth Press Company for 6 years we have met so many wonderful people that appreciate our drive to create flavorful breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and espresso drinks. We decided that we wanted to expand our offering by renovating the upstairs into a craft beer and wine lounge to take our appreciation of flavor and aromas to the next level.

When we opened Brazil in July of 2013 we hadn’t done everything that we wanted to do to make the space as special and memorable as we planned. Over the months we added more seating and lighting to help set the right tone for enjoying the best beer and wine from throughout the world. While we are proud of Brazil and the renovations we have made, it is not to our standards of what we want Brazil to be.

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This is where you come in. With your support of Brazil through this platform we will be able to purchase some of the needed materials to finish our renovations that will increase the customer experience and help us serve you better. We have decided to do this now because we are also currently renovating the kitchen downstairs in the Labyrinth to be larger in order to accommodate the countless requests from Brazil patrons to provide them with our delicious food.

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Enjoy at

  • BRAZIL craft beer & wine bar
    10-12 East 4th St
    Jamestown, NY