Watch: Prepaying a Credibles tab at your favorite food business


You have a favorite restaurants, coffee shop, or grocery store? Open a tab by paying in advance. Enjoy the convenience and perks.

Credibles goes beyond mainstream crowdfunding. It’s ongoing support of local business and a stronger relationship between the business and customers. The upfront payments are paid back in-kind – as edible credits. We call them Credibles.

You’re a fan of a particular food business? You like what they offer? You consider yourself a regular? You believe in the business?

Well, the business needs money to keep going and ramp up. You can fund the business by prepaying what you intend on buying in the future.

Prepaying a business

Find the business under “Business Offers”. On the Credibles page for the business, you see the description of the business, the funding campaign, and the rewards the business offers you as a supporter.

Choose an amount you’d like to pre-pay the business now and click the “Buy Now” button on the business’ page. Follow the payment instructions for Paypal. If it’s your first time using Credibles, you’ll need to sign up with your email address or through Facebook.

In your account, you will receive a balance of Credibles, as specified in the offer by the business.

Using your prepaid credits

When you visit the business that you pre-paid, you don’t need your wallet. Just say, “I’m paying with Credibles”. The business will deduct the amount of your purchase from your prepaid Credibles balance. Credibles are worth $1 at the business when you redeem them. On this website or with our mobile apps, you can always check your balance and track how you have been “eating” your prepaid credits.

Do you own a food business? Do you work at one?

How to get your business funded with Credibles


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