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juicy!Fiddlehead Farm is a small family farm in Corbett, Oregon. We specialize in certified organic veggies and take pride in our high quality produce. We sell at two farmers markets in Portland in addition to local restaurants, processors, grocery stores, and through our unique Farm Share Program. Your Credibles purchase can be redeemed throughout the year at our farmers market booths. To find out more info about the farm and our products, visit our website:

We believe that sustainable agriculture has an essential role to play in robust local economies, healthy ecosystems, and vibrant communities. At Fiddlehead we have key practices and policies to help encourage the development of these positive forces in our community and on larger scales. As food producers, we recognize we have a responsibility to act in a manner that prioritizes aspects beyond just our bottom line.

Our commitment to our customers, neighbors, and community involves:

  • Not using any biocides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMOs.
  • Managing out land with future generations in mind.
  • Minimizing our use of fossil energy.
  • Localizing farm inputs.
  • Encouraging the local sale of our products.
  • Supporting new farmers.
  • Paying our workers a fair wage.
  • Advocating for agricultural policies which improve the lives and well-being of global citizens.
  • Striving to aid efforts to equitably distribute healthy, local produce.

Your purchase of our products through Credibles helps support us at a time in the season when capital is tight. It allows us to address annual needs–seed, repairs, amendments, labor–but also helps us to make investments in the farm; improving our chances of longevity. These key projects include:

  • Upgrading our propagation greenhouse
  • Scaling-up our walk-in cooler
  • Improving our crop storage
  • Purchasing an electric cultivating tractor

We appreciate your continued support. Here’s to another great farm season!

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