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Get more of your favorite food, when you pay us in advance.


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Use your tab, not your wallet, to get your favorite food

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Eating healthier on a budget has never been easier! Now, with Fresh Creds, your family can stretch your SNAP benefits ("food stamps") further when buying fruits and vegetables at community stores in your neighborhood.

Mandela MarketPlace is partnering with these stores so they have a wide variety of fresh, frozen, canned, and dried fruits and vegetables (including beans). When you're shopping, just tell the cashier that you're using Fresh Creds, and you'll receive an immediate bonus (currently 50%) when using your EBT card.

What does a 50% bonus mean? 

A 50% bonus means more bang for your buck: for every dollar you spend on fruits and vegetable, you get 50 cents worth bonus.
Fresh CredsIf you buy a bag of frozen berries using your EBT at participating locations, instead of costing $3.99, it will cost you only $2.66!
Rather than buying two tomatoes, you can get three!

What can I use Fresh Creds for? 

Foods that will make you feel great:

  • FRESH fruits and vegetables
  • CANNED fruits and vegetables without added salt, sugar, fat
  • FROZEN fruits and vegetables without added salt, sugar, fat
  • DRIED fruits and vegetables without added salt, sugar, fat 

Just look for the fresh creds tag!


Where are Fresh Creds accepted? 
Click on the location for more info



Get edible credits

See who paid us in advance in your network

Enjoy at

  • Mandela Foods Cooperative
    1430 7th Street
    Oakland, CA (Mon-Fri 7am-8pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Sun 10am-4pm.)
  • Sav Mor
    1333 Peralta St.
    Oakland, CA
  • Sky Market
    1364 7th Street
    Oakland, CA
  • Wah Fay
    2101 8th Ave
    Oakland, CA
  • North Oakland Senior Center
    5714 M.L.K. Jr. Way
    Oakland, CA (Wed 10:30am-1:30pm.)
  • Bottles Liquor
    1150 Market St
    Oakland, CA
  • More locations