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Truth In Flavor

In 2002 Gelateria Naia was the first to craft artisanal gelato in the Bay Area. Naia's passion is genuine local flavor - Naia partners directly with local farmers like ALBA Organics [Salinas], Lindcove Ranch [Exeter], Fiddyment Farms [Lincoln], and local artisans like Blue Bottle Coffee and Numi Tea [Oakland] and TCHO Chocolate [San Francisco].

In 2011 Naia launched Bar Gelato, another first: gelato in ice pop form. Bar Gelato is a new way to enjoy Naia's hand-crafted, artisanal gelato. Made from locally-sourced ingredients, our Bar Gelato is crafted in small batches in the traditional Italian manner, then frozen into a bar form that's easy and convenient to take with you, wherever you are going.

Your pre-purchase of our gelato treats through Credibles will fund a much needed new distribution freezer. This new freezer will allow us to keep up with growing demand and to support fellow artisan ice cream makers with their distribution!

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Currently at Whole Foods Market in Northern California (complete list). Check if your store carries the products.

  • Gelateria Naia
    1245 N. Broadway
    Walnut Creek, CA (Mon-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-10pm.)
  • Gelateria Naia
    520 Columbus Av.
    San Francisco, CA (Mon-Thu 12-10pm, Fri-Sat 12-11pm, Sun 12-10pm.)