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Eatery and market in Downtown Berkeley, focused on American producers

About Maker’s Common

MAKER'S COMMON is a market and eatery in downtown Berkeley brought to you by the folks of Mission Cheese. It is a place to gather, enjoy, and celebrate the abundance of American craft goods — cheese, charcuterie, beer, wine, and more — and the people that make them.

The MARKET is domestically stocked and old world inspired. With a cut-to-order cheese and charcuterie counter and a thoughtful assortment of groceries, it’s perfect for a simple meal or a dreamy picnic.

The EATERY is a casual neighborhood gathering place that features some favorites from Mission Cheese plus fun new salads and sides and a family-style dinner option. Pop by for a quick bite, or cozy up a while with our eight tap beers and delightful wine selection. Lastly...we’re serving up weekend brunch!

Our story

Maker's Common

In 2011, we opened Mission Cheese in SF, a mission-based business focused on building enthusiasm around American artisan cheese. In Mission Cheese, we created a novel business model focused on casual service of cheese-centric foods, relying on responsibly sourced ingredients and the stories behind their production.

Over time we realized this mission goes beyond that space and even beyond cheese. We’ve connected with makers of wine, beer, charcuterie, bread, pickles, chocolate, etc., all of which share a common goal: to make something honest and delicious to put on our tables.

Across the U.S. people are re-energized about good food and creating world-class products to prove it. Maker’s Common will be a place to celebrate these producers, and to increase our support of the hard-working makers that make our world wholesomely delicious.

What we will accomplish with your prepayments

Funds from Credibles will be used as supplemental startup capital, helping us purchase our opening inventory and hire and train staff.

Opening an eatery that is destined for success requires good starting cash flow, so those first bills can be paid on time, and the business is afforded the opportunity to thrive. We raised the bulk of the buildout funds from 165 investors via a Direct Public Offering, but need a little more to open comfortably.

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