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A full-service neighborhood fresh food store and community space that supports West Oakland families to become healthier and socially connected.

Pre-pay your groceries through Credibles and help create People’s Community Market. It’s like lay-away for groceries…. Cash in your prepaid Credibles when our store opens.

Something big is missing in West Oakland…. Although 25,000 residents spend $58M a year on groceries, there are no full-service grocery stores! Since a lot of families don’t own a car and rely on walking and public transportation, they have to go through a lot of hassle to stock their pantries. How can residents enjoy a healthy lifestyle, when local food choices are so unhealthy and getting fresh quality food requires so much effort?

Full-service and specialty grocers that cater to high-end markets have shied away from opening in West Oakland. And national chains are so focused on maximizing profits and building big box stores that they often overlook communities like West Oakland.

People’s Community Market thinks it’s time for a fresh perspective! We’re opening a community-centric food market. With twelve years of experience operating food enterprises in West Oakland, our store is designed specifically for this community and will make it easy to buy good food at affordable prices in the neighborhood.

We’ll carry a selection of fresh foods, prepared meals and groceries… all customized to the desires of the community. And People’s Community Market will be more than just a grocery store. Our Front Porch community space and venue will offer resources for improving health, a place to socialize and a weekly lineup of events and community activities.

We have put together a leadership team that includes people who have worked in the grocery and food service business for decades. We’ve developed a solid business plan and are on our way to securing a location in the heart of West Oakland. And we’ve raised $1.2M through a direct public stock offering in which California residents can buy shares in our company.

But building a full-service grocery store, complete with a café and a meat counter, is expensive. So we’re raising more funding to open our store by pre-selling Credibles. The proceeds from this Credibles offering will be used to purchase equipment, and inventory. Buy Credibles today and help make it easier for West Oakland families to get healthier food. Because having healthier food is the first step to a better future for West Oakland!

To learn more about our business plans or our public stock offering please visit our website:

This special offering is made by People's Community Market under a public securities offering qualification by permit under section 25113(b)(1) of the California Corporate Securities Law.

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