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About Sedona Pies

Handcrafted custom made adult gourmet pies, celebrating your special events with you. Vision: "To provide world renown pies that serve as a vehicle for social good.” Thus, we give 5% of our profits to community garden projects like Planting Justice.

Sedona pies are unique, sinfully delicious, made with wine, beer and spirits. The pies are made with fresh honest ingredients, local sourced as much as possible. Each pie is graded by the sweetness level like a bottle of wine, with #1 being tart to #10 being the sweetest. Gluten-free options are available.

Mari-Lyn's story

When I visited with my grandmother on summer vacations I learned how to make really good apple pies. As my grandparents had several apple and crabapple trees in their backyard. I grew up in an entrepreneurial home trained early to become an Entrepreneur. Started by babysitting, a lemonade stand to a successful Coaching practice.

My passion is about Sedona Pies and helping others, in 2016 I moved Sedona Pies to California. The business lessons that I learned from the first time will help me to become much more successful today. The pies offer an opportunity to bring people together for social gatherings, dinners, weddings and customer appreciation gifts.

What we will accomplish with your prepayments

Being pre--paid for the Pies will provide the extra capital to expand and grow into the gourmet and luxury market. The funding will go into marketing costs and to be able to do more tasting events.

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  • $20 in food from Sedona Pies
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  • $400 in food from Sedona Pies ($360 + $40 bonus)
Pie Champion level - you get:
  • $800 in food from Sedona Pies ($720 + $80 bonus)
  • 1 Your Own Pie & Wine Tasting Party
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