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Food and artspace with Filipino American cuisine

We raised over $10,000 through Credibles to help us open Tanám! Thank you so much to our supporters, who’ve made our radical idea a reality. To learn more about Tanám and to buy tickets, visit us at http://tanam.co.

About Olio and Tanám

Olio started as a group of community activists sharing our love for cooking among friends. What started as a recreational experiment quickly grew into something much larger. Six years - and dozens of political fundraisers and non-profit dinners to birthdays and extravagant weddings - later, we've built a worker-owned catering and private event business committed to our goals of sustainable sourcing, workplace fairness and the celebration of food as culture.

Now, we're merging both Olio and Ellie's pop-up to collectively start Tanám, our restaurant in Union Square, Somerville. The pop-up has always held the same values, employed and served some of the same people and even served some of the same food. Tanám will provide a space to more fully realize Ellie's concept of narrative cuisine (that is, menus that follow a narrative, where dinners have accompanying media that help drive it forward) and open up space for the narratives of others.

Our Story

We're a co-op full of deeply-rooted activists, working hard to live the values we organize for daily. Olio is committed to Boston-living wages for its worker owners, sustainable sourcing and food narratives presented by the people who live them. Restaurants can be run more equitably and be more successful because of it.

Olio is owned by a majority of women of color and all of us are live in Greater Boston.


What we will accomplish with your prepayments

Frankly, our business structure, the type of business we are, and who we are as individuals don't set us up to be the first group of people a bank would loan to and we're getting creative about how to meet our goals in a nontraditional way.

When I first told our architects at Supernormal about the restaurant, I said we were looking to design a space that would provide as many opportunities for interaction and connection as possible, not just amongst guests but with staff as well. It's been an exciting process to consider how to do this and on a budget, but the fact of the matter is, building ANY dining room and full kitchen is not an inexpensive thing.

The tab you buy will literally build this restaurant. If you know you are coming to Tanám when it opens, consider buying a tab today!

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