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100% Local and Organic Fish & Seafood Restaurant

About Wild Fish

Wild Fish is an organic American craft food restaurant serving only wild local fish, nothing farmed, nothing frozen, nothing imported. There are two locations – the first in Little River, Mendocino County, perched on a headland overlooking the ocean near Mendocino, it is a perfect setting for a fish restaurant. In April 2018 the second Wild Fish opened in Pacific Grove, Monterey County, in a historic Victorian building in the tree-lined main street, full of character and charm.

We enjoy knowing our local fishermen and getting fish right off the boat. We also commission produce to be grown for us by local farmers. Every thing is seasonal and all our food is made from scratch, making us a leading restaurant on the coast.

The Wild Fish team are passionate about making beautiful food, using a root-to-shoot or nose to tail ethos, constantly creative and innovative in creating a local food identity.

Our story

Liz and Kelvin Jacobs started Wild Fish in 2011, wanting to achieve a first on the North Coast - namely a restaurant that serves only local and wild fish. It has taken a long time to create relationships with local fishermen, foragers and farmers.

Liz is a food blog addict and loves to keep up with current food trends and Kelvin truly enjoys being involved in every area of the business. They have hired a team that share the same vision namely passion for everything sustainable, local, organic, made from scratch, imaginative, fun and beautifully plated.

What we will accomplish with your prepayments

Since Wild Fish opened, growth has been steady and resilient.
Unfortunately the restaurant cannot cope with the current closure due to the COVID-19 precautions. As we run with slim margins we do not have a cushion to pay for some essential outgoings, including payroll for staff, a situation we have never faced in all our 9 years! We have not terminated anyone, and are guaranteeing work when we re-open.
We are putting staff above all other obligations and want to make sure they do not suffer as a result of the closure. Our first priority is to fulfill the payroll expenses incurred before closure, so we can count on the same quality staff to be around when we re-open.

All edible credits can be used at both restaurants – either Wild Fish in Little River, or Wild Fish in Pacific Grove. Thank you for investing in not just a unique regional cuisine, but the local food network, the American craft food movement and a resilient local economy! That’s a lot of benefits!

We have 1500 folks who signed up to our newsletter. If just 1/10th(that’s 150) pre-paid a meal for two (average ticket price $150) we could pay the current payroll bill! If more pre-pay, we could manage some other essential obligations. We hope the thought of a flavorful meal made with love at the end of this, will inspire you to make a tab!
Your tab will not just be the $150 you have pre-paid – we are adding 10% more – giving you a little extra for whatever you fancy – wine, extra dessert, oysters…the possibilities are endless!

Wild Fish

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  • Wild Fish in Pacific Grove
    545 Lighthouse Ave
    Pacific Grove, CA
  • Wild Fish
    7750 North Highway 1
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