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We're having a phenomenal year thanks to our wonderful Wild Plum family! We are upgrading the kitchen and coffee bar to elevate your experience and our offerings.

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About the Wild Plum Cafe

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A cafe, espresso bar and bakery serving organic, local, handcrafted food.

When it comes to my café I have three loves: ingredients, people, and place. We spend an enormous amount of time procuring our ingredients through farmers markets and farm-to-restaurant delivery services. But it’s the people who make the café, and creating a space they want to be in is as important to me as the food. We Strive to be good for our customers and community and good for our beautiful planet

Pamela's Story

Dinner at Wild Plum Cafe

My journey with The Wild Plum Café began a little over nineteen years ago. An opportunity to begin again. Spaces with water were difficult to find so I jumped at the chance when this off the beaten track and a little down on its luck café became available. I had always had a burning desire to create a café that served the kind of food and baked goods that were the foundation of my food memories. I wanted to create a place where food and community came together. It has been the place where I really became a chef and the home where I raised my daughter and welcomed hundreds of locals and visitors.

I have a passion for ingredients and making the most delicious food that I can put on a plate. The Wild Plum Café is an everyman/woman kind of third place. A sustainable café and bakery with an espresso bar. We love sharing our food philosophy. Organic comfort food with a healthy twist. Food is for everyone and there is room for everyone at the table.

What we will accomplish with your prepayments

The kitchen is in real need of upgrades and real changes. We took the cafe as it was and thought we have made many changes over the years to the kitchen its time to upgrade equipment and layout to better serve our customers and increase revenues.

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