by arnohesse.

Flying Fish is a small seafood store in Portland OR, committed to supporting local sustainable seafood and grass-fed meats.

In 2011, owner Lyf Gildersleeve and his family first opened Flying Fish in Portland out of a truck. Since then, they moved to a little “Fish Shack” on Hawthorne Blvd.

Fresh seafood at Flying Fish is never frozen. That’s why refrigerator space is important.
To offer a broader variety of products, the store needed a second refrigerator – and funding to pay for it.

With Credibles, Lyf raised over $6000 from his customers within a few weeks. The new refrigerator is now in the store. Lyf also purchased a much needed vacuum sealer for his smoked fish and bacon products.

Flying Fish customers enjoy the increased product range at the store.

I love the new location on Hawthorne. I can get veggies and fruit too and a few special goodies. like cheese, meat, and eggs.

Three Keys to Flying Fish’ Successful Fundraising Campaign

1. Desirable thank you rewards
Offering perks for his campaign each included a portion of his delicious house smoked salmon and such intriguing items as a free sushi class and a fishing trip for their “superhero level” supporters.
Unique rewards get attention.

2. Getting the word out
Lyf emailed his customers via his weekly newsletter:
Enticing yet concise. Conveniently linked to Credibles.

3. Repeat and tweak
Lyf has been communicating often to fans and customers throughout the campaign.
Facebook (see example), Twitter, Emails, Flyers
Again, always linked to the funding page.

“It makes me feel great to support Lyf and the gang at Flying Fish. Great folks doing great work in the sustainable food arena. It’s great to watch this company grow, I’m hoping that even more of my favorite local socially responsible food stores get involved with Credibles.” Michele Knaus, Portland

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