gift cards for your food business

Good news for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, delis, bars, grocery stores, specialty food shops, bakeries, food trucks:
It just became easier to sell your own gift cards.

Who wouldn’t enjoy the gift of your great food? Here’s how to use the Credibles Business app to sell gift cards.

Issue Credits tab

It’s easy to issue edible credits

In the Credibles Business app, go to the Issue Credits tab, select gift.


Later, when the lucky recipient uses the gift card, you can look up the code or the name.

Gift are immediately listed under Customers

who? how much?

1. Enter the info for the gift

If the customer is not listed, just click “new” to enter the name.
You’ll enter the amount under “gift”.

fill out the card

2. Fill out the gift card

Write the activation code clearly.
Alternatively, send the purchaser the instructions by email or text.

Back side of the gift card

Back side of the card