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customized gift cards

Through Credibles, all food businesses now have an easy and inexpensive way to offer gift cards to customers. Spread healthy taste. No fuss. No fees.

For this holiday season, every restaurant, deli, chocolatier, and gingerbread baker can offer gift cards, not matter how busy or artisanal it is. With the new Credibles app for businesses, waiters and cashiers can issue gift cards on the fly. No fees for using the cards. No minimum order. Gift cards for the rest of us.

So far, Credibles has been used to let customers prepay their food purchases, and then “eat their tab of edible credits” over time. Now, prepaid tabs can be given to others with gift cards. Their balances can be track and reloaded through the app or online. The app is available now in the app stores for Apple and Android.

“Fans of local food love to evangelize about their favorites. What better way than to give gift cards for their cherished places!” says Arno Hesse, co-founder of Credibles. “With smartphones everywhere, gift cards can now be hassle-free and inexpensive – a trend that already happened with credit cards payments.”

For the first 250 food businesses, Credibles is offering a stack of gift cards for free. Sign-up at
Businesses also can order customized cards with their logo, starting at 30 cents per piece.

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